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About the telehealth opportunity

We are a modern Speech Pathology Private Practice that competes with both government and non-government roles on; support, salary, professional development and career growth opportunities.

Spot is dedicated to our thriving company culture, and although you can work from wherever you want (literally!) we have great systems in place to ensure you are connected daily with the team, and feel supported as part of the ‘family’.

Our aim is to create a highly skilled team and support each other. We take pride in providing the best possible service to our clients by combining our unique knowledge & experience. Both experienced & early entry therapists play an important role in the balance of our therapist ecosystem at Spot! You can work in a part-time or full-time capacity.

Here’s the juicy stuff:

  • Work part time or full time, whatever suits you!
  • Paid maternity leave
  • Formal in-house training for all staff in Orofacial Myofunctional (OM) Assessment, diagnosis, therapy & case management
  • High salary competitive with government & NGO’s
  • Bi-annual “Spot Academy” retreats (see our Instagram for recaps of Spot Academy x 2 from Jan & July Jan 2021!)
  • More supervision and training than you are likely to have been offered in any other role (we can prove it)
  • Live & work anywhere – lots of flexibility in your role
  • Grow as a professional along with our company
  • Opportunities for internal promotions & pay rises
  • Bonus provided $$
  • Take part in portfolio responsibilities – e.g. content development for social media, business development projects and creating digital products
  • Monthly team building, coaching & bonding 
  • Daily informal supervision & access to the entire team – never feel alone
  • 50+ hours of in-house recorded telehealth professional development at your fingertips
  • $1000+ yr individual PD allowance
  • Additional $10k whole-team PD allowance for personal & professional development (including clinical training, team building & workshops)

What’s great about Spot?

  • Work for a boss that is young, responsive & will listen to your feedback and requests. Nothing is off-limits and Heidi prides herself in practising full 360 feedback with all employees.
  • Work closely with your team leader & support your peers in supervision
  • Manage your own caseload with as much support as you need
  • Flexible work hours – depending on your clients & caseload
  • Quarterly performance reviews & collaborative goal setting with your team leader – coaching & support from experienced team members
  • Work + travel (yes, this is possible!)
  • All resources provided, including laptop & physical resources
  • No germs! We love our clients, but we also enjoy greater workplace health & safety standards by controlling our own work environment & staying safe from bugs.

What’s great about the caseload?

We’re lucky to have a wonderful range of clients who call Spot home. We are 90% paediatric, 10% adults. We cover 2 hospitals, many schools, and many families all over Australia. Our therapists have the opportunity to develop their skills IN-HOUSE by;

  • Training in Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy (OMT) & developing knowledge & skills in this special interest area
  • Training and upskilling by senior Speech Pathologist with 20+ years of acute hospital experience in telehealth dysphagia competency
  • Consolidating skills in paediatric feeding
  • Delivering evidence-based synthetic phonics programs & high level literacy interventions.
  • Taking a functional approach to the care of our NDIS clients who call Spot home – ranging from early intervention to adults with degenerative disease.
  • Building your skills using AAC (via tele!)
  • Consolidating your speech & language therapy skills using telehealth as a new & exciting service delivery method.

What’s great about you?

Any level of experience is welcome to apply. We would like you to have a:

  • Playful nature: channel your inner Play School!
  • Strong team culture: we work as a team daily & have full transparency within our team.
  • You have a home office including mobile phone, internet, desk and chair
  • Tech-savvy (not a whiz, but hopefully you know Zoom back-to-front & can learn new softwares quickly!)
  • Experience or keen interest in tele-therapy
  • Flexibility in clinical practice and confidence in clinical decision making
  • Keen interest in learning new things & challenging traditional Speech Pathology service delivery methods
  • Qualifications in Speech Pathology and own professional indemnity insurance
  • Current Speech Pathology Australia (SPA) membership
  • Medicare provider number
  • Deep understanding of cultural and linguistic diversity within Australia

What your day will look like…

Depending on your experience, your day could look very different! We are a fast-growing company and take pride in shaping roles around the strengths and weaknesses of our team members where possible. Here’s a taste of a typical day in the life of a Spot Family Speechie:

  • Wake up
  • Commute to the home office (or to the Spot office if you live in Brisbane!)
  • Start around 7-8 am, depending on your caseload
  • You’ll do around 4-5 hours of therapy in the day. More experienced therapists or keen beans might do 6 hours! Depending on your salary you might get a bonus for doing an additional 1-2 hours/ week.
  • You’ll need some help finding a resource & working out how to score an assessment, so you’ll quickly send a few (slack) chat messages to our therapist channel, and get a response from 7 amazing therapists from across the country giving you hot tips about where to find resources, links to awesome free websites and offers to help you with scoring Ax if you have trouble.
  • You’ll do 2-3 hours admin, report writing, emailing. You’ll also have a lunch break (wherever you want it)
  • You’ll set 2 tasks for admin to follow up on our project management software – you’d like her to send one of your kids some stickers, and you need to send some literacy cards to another client before next week’s session.
  • You’ll probably spend 30 minutes on our company chat app (slack) talking to your work mates and learning about their latest favorite resources, participating in case reviews & giggling at our “random” channel when someone posts a hilarious video of their pet!
  • You’ll then sign off around 4:30 – 5:30 pm, depending on when you started & what your week looks like.

Aren’t sure you want to apply yet? Contact us via email or phone & our CEO Heidi will have a chat with you!

Email: home@spot.family

Phone: 0488 754 053

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