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Speech Pathologist & CEO

Heidi is our Founder, CEO and principal Speech Pathologist here at Spot.

She is a country girl through and through, and started Spot (originally SPOT Rural) so that rural and remote families could have access to top notch healthcare, just like those city-folk. She started her schooling through distance education over the radio, and completed seven years at boarding school before becoming a Speech Pathologist. While Heidi’s roots are firmly cemented in rural and regional communities, she’s passionate about making speech therapy more accessible across the board. Whether it’s speech therapy for a child growing up on a farm, or stroke rehabilitation for someone living in the city centre. Heidi was inspired to start a career in speech pathology by her older brother, who has Down Syndrome.

After completing her Bachelor of Speech Pathology at The University of Queensland, Heidi practiced in acute and rehabilitative hospital settings, community health and private practice, before going out on her own. Along the way, she developed a specialised knowledge and interest in learning disabilities. More specifically, the assessment and treatment of literacy disorders, such as dyslexia.

Heidi is trained in Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy (OMT) which incorporates: tongue tie, tongue thrust, tongue positioning for speech sounds, mouth breathing and oral habits. Her main clinical focus at Spot is complex case management for OM clients, where Spot is collaborates with professionals all over Australia to achieve their client’s orofacial goals. She loves learning and is certified in the Spalding Method and Sounds ~ Write literacy programs, has trained in Hanen’s early language program, ‘It Takes Two to Talk’.

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