Meet Phaedra Papachatzi

Senior Speech Pathologist

Phaedra completed her studies at Flinders University in Adelaide. She has been working for over 13 years as a Speech Pathologist in Melbourne, Singapore and Athens. During this time, she has challenged herself to think outside the therapeutic box and engage in therapy approaches that are holistic, child centred and motivating. She has predominantly worked within the public hospital, early intervention services as well as private practices. As a result she has extensive experience in assessing and providing therapy to children of all ages with a range of communication difficulties.

She has a special interest in ASD and neurodevelopmental disorders specifically focusing on the areas of relating and engaging. She is passionate about working with children and their families to overcome challenges around communication, behaviour and eating and drinking skills.

Since becoming a mother herself and navigating the journey of parenthood, she understands how overwhelming it can be, especially when you have a problem and are looking for help. In her sessions she makes it an absolute priority to listen to parents and find out what the issues are, she then works with them to establish clear goals and plan how these goals will be achieved.

Phaedra is a Hanen certified Speech Pathologist in the It Takes Two to Talk and More Than Words Program. She has also trained in a variety of communication, feeding, behaviour support and Social skills programmes including the Pragmatic Organisation Dynamic Display(PODD), Picture Exchange Communication System(PECS), Tuning Into Kids(Positive Parenting Program), The SOS Approach to Feeding and Assessing and Teaching Social skills by Alex Kelly.

As a senior Speech Pathologist at Spot, Phaedra spends time supervising, training & supporting junior staff. Outside of work, Phaedra loves to spend time with her family and friends.

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