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Rebecca was born and raised in Sydney. After completing a Bachelor of Health Sciences majoring in Hearing and Speech, Rebecca went on to complete a Master of Speech Language Pathology at The University of Sydney.

Her interest in speech pathology began after high school when Rebecca knew she wanted to contribute to the field of health and to help people connect with the world and others around them. Rebecca’s interest in telehealth was first sparked when she visited the Northern Territory in 2018 and saw the benefit of being able to provide quality services to children and adults in rural areas.

Before joining the Spot team, Rebecca worked with children and adults within the disability sector. She loves working alongside her clients to help them reach their communication goals whilst building their confidence and strives to provide holistic intervention to all of her clients and families she works with.

Rebecca has a love for travelling, music and bushwalks. During her spare time, you might also find her trying her hand at new skills such as sewing and swing dancing.

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